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Elisa Kits

Jomar Life Research is a Melbourne based company providing Australia and New Zealand with ELISA kits to virtually any target of interest from the highest quality suppliers worldwide. 

We have a 100% Quality Guarantee - Search below, give us a call or email us your specific needs!

  • Sandwich ELISA
  • Competition ELISA
  • Direct ELISA
  • Mini sample ELISAs (<25ul)
  • Instant ELISAs (70min)
  • Custom ELISA service 

Our Promise to Customers:

  • Best Australian Prices – We strive to get you the best pricing possible! If you find a better price from another supplier, let us know and we will happily price beat on equivalent products.. start saving with us today!
  • Expedited delivery – the Typical delivery time of under 2 weeks from the date of your order.
  • Largest Source – Access to Australia’s largest source of ELISA kits, over 200,000 kits - If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, send us an email and we will find it for you!
  • Satisfaction guarantee – If a kit doesn’t work, we provide a solution to your satisfaction – replacement or refund.

ELISA tips and FAQs

See for helpful ELISA tips, tools and analysis software. 

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Human Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type 1D(CAMK1D) ELISA kit CSB-EL004463HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD9 antigen(CD9) ELISA kit CSB-EL004969HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD97 antigen(CD97) ELISA kit CSB-EL004972HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD99 antigen(CD99) ELISA kit CSB-EL004973HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD99 antigen-like protein 2(CD99L2) ELISA kit CSB-EL004975HU Cusabio 96T
Human chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 17 (CXCL17) ELISA kit CSB-EL006246HU Cusabio 96T
Human Complement factor H-related protein 5(CFHR5) ELISA kit CSB-EL005278HU Cusabio 96T
Human complement factor I(CFI) ELISA Kit CSB-E13108h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 3a,C3a ELISA Kit CSB-E08509h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 3b recptor,C3bR ELISA Kit CSB-E09477h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 3b,C3b ELISA Kit CSB-E09303h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 3c,C3c ELISA Kit CSB-E11168h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement Fragment 3d,C3d ELISA Kit CSB-E14213h Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 4a,C4a ELISA Kit CSB-E08515h Cusabio 96T
Human CD83 antigen(CD83) ELISA kit CSB-EL004962HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD81 antigen(CD81) ELISA kit CSB-EL004960HU Cusabio 96T
Human cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) ELISA Kit CSB-E13527h Cusabio 96T
Human CAMPATH-1 antigen(CD52) ELISA kit CSB-EL004943HU Cusabio 96T
Human Cannabinoid receptor 2(CNR2) ELISA kit CSB-EL005679HU Cusabio 96T
Human C-C motif chemokine 7 (CCL7/MCP3/SCYA6/SCYA7) ELISA kit CSB-E17377h Cusabio 96T
Human CD160 antigen(CD160) ELISA kit CSB-EL004881HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD177 antigen(CD177) ELISA kit CSB-EL004886HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD180 antigen(CD180) ELISA kit CSB-EL004887HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD209 antigen(CD209) ELISA kit CSB-EL004899HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD226 antigen(CD226) ELISA kit CSB-EL004901HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD27 antigen(CD27) ELISA kit CSB-EL004910HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD48 antigen(CD48) ELISA kit CSB-EL004941HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD59 glycoprotein(CD59) ELISA kit CSB-EL004947HU Cusabio 96T
Human CD70 antigen(CD70) ELISA kit CSB-EL004954HU Cusabio 96T
Human Complement fragment 4b,C4b ELISA Kit CSB-E09302h Cusabio 96T

Items 1 to 30 of 1507 total

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