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Flow Cytometry

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  • PrimeFlow - RNA detection by flow cytometry

Introducing TONBO Biosciences

Australian Scientists Review Tonbo 

"I have been using TONBO antibodies for a number of years in our laboratory and am extremely satisfied with the quality, reproducibility and longevity of their products"

- Jo Pooley O'Keeffee Laboratory, Monash University 

"We were given the opportunity to be part of the early access TONBO trial. All the antibodies we have used so far directly compare to the same clones from other companies"

- Paul Whitney, Bedoui Laboratory, The University of Melbourne

“I’m pretty pleased with the Tonbo biosciences products, I have ordered two Tonbo antibodies, which I tested and found to be of good quality. I will continue to look into Tonbo antibodies as a cheaper alternative to eBioscience products”

- Monique Smeets Stem Cell Regulation Unit, St Vincent's Institute