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Human sPSGL-1 Platinum ELISA 96 tests

Human sPSGL-1 Platinum ELISA 96 tests

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Human sPSGL-1 Platinum ELISA 96 tests

Product Code: BMS255

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    The human PSGL-1 ELISA is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative detection of human PSGL-1. The human PSGL-1 ELISA is for research use only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

    Selectins are part of the broader family of cell adhesion molecules. The family of selectins consists of three structurally and functionally related molecules, L-selectin, P-selectin and E-selectin.

    P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 is found on white blood cells and endothelial cells and plays an important role in the recruitment of white blood cells into inflamed tissue. PSGL-1 binds with the highest affinity to P-selectin.
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    SKU BMS255
    Name Human sPSGL-1 Platinum ELISA 96 tests
    Size 96 tests
    Product Type Platinum ELISAs
    Datasheet View Datasheet
    Supplier eBioscience
    Applications ELISA
    Species reactivity (expected) Human
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