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Multi analyte analysis

Jomar Life Research is Australia’s leader in protein multiplex analysis. We offer solutions from leading suppliers including Luminex, Raybiotech, Full Moon BioSystems, and Sengenics.

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The 5 best tips for successful multiplex cytokine analysis by Alex Szabo, Ph.D.

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Watch on YouTube: Dr. Alex Szabo and Dr. Tom Chung walk you through the options available for multi-cytokine analysis.

  • Fully functional Protein Arrays
  • Cytokine assays
  • Allergen Protein Arrays
  • Secreted Protein Arrays
  • Cancer Autoantibody Arrays
  • Array Tools
  • Custom Array Services
  • Array Technical Support


The Krex Immunome array consists of 1,600 fully functional proteins spotted on glass slides




  • Parallel screening of multiple samples on one slide
  • Proteins can be selected from our existing library or can be custom made

  • Choose from 2, 4, 8 or 16-plex format
  • Bespoke content and project design service


  • 10,000s of Human autoantibody profiles
  • Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, African and Malay samples
  • True positive samples from cancers, autoimmune, metabolic and  neurological disorders
  • Biologically meaningful results as KREX™-based proteins have linear and  conformational epitopes