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Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out

Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out - Episode 1 Sir Gustav Nossal

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Do you enjoy Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?

Introducing its brainier brother…Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out, a new YouTube series for Scientists! 

CEO Alex Szabo takes a drive with Scientists in a beat up old car to shoot the breeze as they spell out their life's scientific work, discoveries, stories from the lab, career highs & lows and what the future holds for Scientists. Getting a ride with Alex in a beat up old car might not sound appealing at first, but its all for a good cause! 


What started out as a small idea to become more involved in the scientific community, just like The Day of Immunology Flashmob, turned into a unique opportunity to bring the stories of our beloved scientists to you, our community... all in the name of charity!

Episodes of Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out will be uploaded onto YouTube and we want you to watch and share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook using #JLRGIVES5. By watching and sharing these videos on your social media pages, you are helping raise funds for Cancer Council Australia's research funding and the Mystery Box Rally (see below).

For every video share including #JLRGIVES5, Jomar Life Research will be donating $5 to The Slow and The Curious (see below) JLR Mystery Box Rally Team, raising money for Cancer Council Australia. 

Episode 1

Sir Gustav Victor Joseph Nossal, AC, CBE, FRS is a distinguished Australian research biologist. He is famous for his contributions to the fields of antibody formation and immunological tolerance. Gus is revered as an eminent immunologist and advocate for global health. Jomar Life Research will make a $5 contribution to support the Cancer Council Australia's research funding and the Mystery Box Rally for every video post share on Twitter or Facebook using #JLRGIVES5

The Mystery Box Rally 

We are really happy to announce that Jomar Life Research is taking part in Mystery Box Rally in 2018!! Mystery Box Rally is one of the largest community lead fundraising events for the Cancer Council in Australia having raised over $2.7 million in the last 5 years. Part of the requirements for our participation is to raise a minimum of $3,500 but most teams raise well above this amount. These funds go to the Cancer Council and we are extremely proud to be doing our part to support such a worthy charity. Fundraising is the hard part, so any donation you can give is greatly appreciated. Please make sure to follow our progress via this page and our official Mystery Box Rally Team page.


We hope you're enjoying Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out! Please share these videos, using the links above on your social media and include #JLRGIVES5. By sharing, Jomar Life Research is donating $5 on your behalf to Cancer Council Australia's research funding and The Mystery Box Rally. 

OR you can simply DONATE HERE - all contributions are greatly appreciated! For more information on donations and in kind support, please email

Come with us on The Mystery Box Rally!!

Win $500 - Name the $h!tBox aka..... The Mystery Box Rally Car

Thank you to all who entered our Name the Mystery Box Rally Car competition!

Final placings;

1. The Slow and the Curious (Jo Pooley, Monash University)
2. The Jocar (Nicholas Geraghty, UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia)
3. Spare Part Conjugation (James Kesby, The University of Queensland - UQ)

We hope you will follow the journey as Sue Ang and Sarah Fardy drive through the outback to raise money for the Cancer Council Australia

Click above to share and we will donate $5 on your behalf to the Mystery Box Rally and Cancer Council Australia



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